Hey. I'm anthony Tony.


Living in Melbourne, Australia. Taking some time to figure out what to do next. Travelling. Working on Auditory

Listening to Podcasts, going to gigs, reading, art, that kind of thing.

Occasionally writing in a few places.


Worked as a Senior Frontender at Roller and Lexer, Web Developer at Mushroom, various advertising agencies, NGO's, and Corporate entities. Organised a conference or two.

Become the subject of an internet meme.

Travelled on the trans-siberian railway.

Took Product Management at General Assembly from September - November, 2015

Work that I'm proud of: here, here, and here.


Frontend Development, Product Management, BEM/SASS, Gulp, Laravel, other nice buzzwords.

How technology shapes society. Not using the word "Disruptive" or "Entrepeneur" in a sentence. Building cool shit.

If I sound interesting to you, then you can read my resume and reach me on:

+ 61 434 122 200